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Lifted Fitness

Having a team and staff that is well connected and educated is crucial for good business, employee moral and loyalty. A company that invests in their staff and/or team will only thrive. These services will allow for your staff and team to connect, learn and have fun with one another outside of the workplace. 

Lifted Fitness Class for Team Bonding 

Book a Lifted Class for your team and/or staff that allows for relaxation, community building and fun! Capacity for each class is 30 people. 

Classes include:

- cannabis product/goodie bag for each attendee

- refreshing snacks and beverages

- team building exercises

- education on cannabis and fitness

- guided class by a certified instructor  

Class choices:

- Yoga

- Alt Fit (mind-body dance)

- Body Flow (pilates and stretching)

Inquire via email 


Cannabis and Exercise Workshop

Intended for budtenders or other industry workers to become educated on how cannabis and exercise are connected. Also a great team bonding opportunity!

Fitness and cannabis are two very trending industries and topics these days. More athletes are becoming more open about their cannabis use and more athletic organizations are loosening their policies on cannabis useWe know that it is not a new concept for many athletes and regular gym goers.  But how much do we know about how cannabis impacts our exercise performance? Help your budtenders becoming prepared on this topic so they can better serve customers.

Workshop includes:

- canna product/goodie bags for attendees

- snacks/beverage

- Intro on Endocannabinoid System

- How cannabis impacts exercise performance

- Choosing strains or products for exercise 

Inquire via email 

Get in Touch

For any general questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out via email 

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